What you should expect in Couples Therapy

Take a deep breath if you’re not sure what to expect from couples therapy. This blog will hopefully help you and your partner understand what to expect in couples therapy and what potential red flags may indicate that you are not seeing the right couples therapist.

I do want to preface this list by emphasising that not all therapists are created equal. Each of us has our own approach, style, and philosophies. Before scheduling an appointment, it is critical to schedule a consultation with potential couples therapists in your area to better determine fit. 

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What to Expect in Couples Therapy:

The couples therapist should be straightforward.
This is due to the fact that we must be able to assist the two of you in navigating the intricate dance of your conflict style, and we cannot be helpful in achieving your goals unless we are extremely directive. A good couples therapist should be willing to guide the sessions so that you both learn new ways to communicate with each other.

If you’re working with our practice, we’ll see you both on week 2 for one 55-minute individual session.
This is because we value both of you equally and believe it is important to evaluate the whole person as well as the relationship. This individual session is not intended to be a time to simply vent about your partner; rather, it is intended to get to know each of you on a more personal level. This allows us to better understand your language, point of view, and triggers in couples therapy.

You will both feel heard, validated, and respected.
A good couples therapist will always look at you objectively. This means that we’re not here to point fingers or pick sides. Whatever brought you to therapy, we are here to help the two of you understand each other. Take couples therapy with call girls in Gwalior.

Expect a focus on the way the two of you relate to one another. There is no emphasis on the “he said/she said” content of rehashing the same argument over and over.
This is because we are here to help you both restructure the way you communicate and relate to each other in the long run. Although content in arguments is important and sometimes what we discuss, it will not be the constant focal point because it truly does not get us anywhere. You are not paying for your therapist to observe your argument.

You’ll feel vulnerable.
Couples therapy is a vulnerable process, and you may not always feel completely at ease letting down your guard. This is perfectly normal! We will assist you. Also read : 7 Quick Ways to Make Someone Happy

Expect to be interrupted by the couples therapist.
Part of our job is to hold you both (lovingly) accountable for your unconscious actions, as well as to assist the two of you in effectively processing your emotions and pain. We may interrupt you because we want to assist you in discovering your vulnerabilities rather than simply sitting with your defensiveness and unprocessed reactions.

Expect to talk about sex at some point.
It’s critical to discuss sex because it’s a big part of your intimate relationship. Even if we don’t stay on the subject, a competent couples therapist will at least inquire about your sexual life. It’s critical to understand that sex and sex-related communication are encouraged in couples therapy.

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